Thursday, May 31, 2007

cleveland sports

The Cavs are the better team. I can't believe I'm saying it, but it's become clear. They should win tonight. They should win this series. I suppose that shouldn't be all that surprising; they do have the best player. When Lebron decides to show up, makes a few jumpers, there's not a more unstoppable force in the NBA. Gibson is balling and Drew Gooden (neck muff and all) is turning into a poor man's Horace Grant. The Pistons are basically a jump shooting team. When Hamilton and Billups are off, they're in trouble. Webber, Wallace and Prince would all rather float around on the perimeter. Tonight has to be a defining Lebron game.

And the Indians avoided a sweep last night. How about this Shoppach dude, hitting .370. 33-19 and Sizemore/Hafner aren't even really that hot yet. I like the squad, but I don't trust the corner outfield situation. Delluci/Nixon/Michaels/Blake isn't the answer. A midseason trade for a big bat to play left field will be imperative. There's plenty of talent in the farm system. Make a move Shapiro.

I have to admit a vice. I listen to sports talk radio as I drive between hospitals during the day. I know it's nonsensical. I know my IQ probably drops 5-10 points with each hour I spend listening. But I can't help it. The problem is, Cleveland likely has the worst collection of on-air talent in the country. This Munch guy on WKNR is pitiful. He's like the 40 year old bachelor uncle at the thanksgiving dinner who drones on about his favorite teams. Only with a tinny, almost unlistenable voice. And there's no bigger blowhard than kenny roda. Such the sports dork. You can probably find him at your local sports bar pumping his fist and yelling after making a birdie at GoldenTee. And Mike Trivosonno, I don't get it. He's not funny. He really isn't. Surrounding himself with lackeys who giggle nervously at everything he says only makes it worse. I suppose he appeals to a certain common denominator in the Cleveland area, but his popularity is truly puzzling.

Are there any adult men's soccer leagues?


Dr. A said...

Someone told me I was linked over here. Thanks so much for the link. I'll add you to my link list as well.

You probably saw from by blog that I'm a Cavs (and Buckeye) fan as well. Hopefully, you're not working and have drug rep tickets to game 3 tomorrow night. HA! Go Cavs!

Jeffrey Parks MD FACS said...

Ah, the days of drug reps forking over perks seem to have passed. I'm lucky if I get a pen every once on a while. Cavs are done, but ought to be contenders for the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pre-med originally from Cleveland (well Chardon, 45 minutes East), but living in Utah and reading this had me literally laughing out loud. In my day, the Cavs were beyond awful, and the Indians were in the World how things change.

And to dr. a, my husband is an orthopaedic rep, and if we were to give away Jazz tickets (really who'd want them) to a surgeon, Advamed would have our butt!