Monday, August 11, 2008

Browns Pro Bowl wideout Braylon Edwards sustained a deep laceration to his right leg after being gashed by teammate Donta Stallworth at the end of a footrace last Friday. Edwards was sprinting barefoot for some unholy reason. The cut was deep enough that he was hospitalized overnight at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Center for Healthcare Excellence. I think that's the official name these days. Or something vaguely totalitarian along those lines.

So here's what we have: Professional athlete + open wound + Cleveland Clinic.....hopefully the room he stayed in was power sprayed with liquid vancomycin. We don't want Derek Anderson's #1 target going down as the seventh Brown to acquire a significant MRSA infection after treatment at CCF.


Anonymous said...

Cleveland's Still in the League?

OHN said...

Too true! We had our own experience here with MRSA in our local NE OH hospital...came out of surgery with it sutured into the wound, ended up with multiple flushings, IV Vanc, and finally healing by secondary intention along with weeks of a mess, not fun stuff.

(I popped by from Sid Schwabs your blog colors...go BUCKS!:)