Thursday, May 9, 2013

Christie Gets a Band

I had blogged a while ago about New Jersey governor Chris Christie's angry response to a former White House physician's opinion that he needed to think about losing some weight.  Christie basically told the doc she needed to mind her own business.  My take was that, morbid obesity being a risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, and early death, Christie's weight would be a issue I considered if and when he decided to run for the Presidency in 2016.  In order to be reassured that he could withstand the stress and pressure of being the leader of the world's only superpower, I indicated that I would need to see recent stress test/cardiologist bill of good health records before I even considered casting him a vote.  The blog was cross posted at KevinMD and subsequently set off a firestorm of conflicting opinions.  Many commenters felt strongly that it was a form of bigotry to even mention his weight when considering him for higher office. 

Again, I have no doubt that an obese person could be an excellent US President.  But I would be more likely to vote for him if I knew he wasn't necessarily a ticking time bomb for a major heart attack.  And publicized stress test results (just as melanoma survivor John McCain published his records from his oncologist when he ran for office in 2008) would go a long way in setting my mind at ease.

And now we find out that Mr Christie recently underwent Lap-Band weight loss surgery.  Why would he do such a thing?  I thought obesity was irrelevant to the discussion of higher office?  According to the governor:
 “For me, this is about turning 50 and looking at my children and wanting to be there for them."
I see.  Sooooo, weight loss is.....good?  I don't want to be a bigot. 

But why did the dude get the Lap-Band?  Doesn't he have a coterie of advisers and lackeys?  The Lap-Band results in less long term weight loss than a gastric bypass and the complications/annoyances that develop over the long haul with the Bands often necessitate their eventual removal. 

Anyway, best of luck to the Governor in in weight loss endeavors.


Anonymous said...

He took the easy way out. I'm a Christie fan but he should just stop eating. Also the dude is obese and if that makes me a bigot, so be it. I'm done with being politically correct.


Connor Haley said...

For most people in this country, obesity is a choice that is not brought on by a medical disorder, but by choosing to eat a crappy diet and lack of exercise. Those choices reflect a great deal on a person and their work ethic, motivation, drive, etc. I am less likely to hire such a person to work in my business, in part because I think it reflects on how hard they would be willing to work to be successful (or thin). I would certainly consider that in choosing a President. I see it as similar to the decision not to hire someone who made the life choice to get a neck tattoo. It's the same thing. Punishing my decision as if it's a form of discrimination does nothing but encourage more and more people in our country to continue to be lazy and ignore their health. It's ok to judge sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Should a person with too little discipline to adhere to a weight loss regimen of diet & exercise really be leading the free world? - and I consider myself more republican than democrat :(

DD said...

To Conor Haley:in addition to excluding fatties, would you also be less likely to hire a thin person who was a pedophile, sex addict, cocaine addict, gambling addict, wife beater, liar, cheater, thief? Well ,none of those behavior-related choices is VISIBLE--So maybe you already have! You may have mistaken a thin person for someone with work ethic, character or motivation when instead, they engage in unhealthy high-risk "behaviors" and "choices" like: unprotected sex, recreational drug use, cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle,high fat low fiber diet-- And unfortunately for you, the unsuspecting, well meaning employer, all of those things are not readily observable at a job interview. Alas, all that not gold.

Anonymous said...

Q: "Should a person with too little discipline to adhere to a weight loss regimen of diet & exercise really be leading the free world"
A: Did JFK demonstrate enough discipline when he brought prostitutes into the White House, slept around with Marilyn Monroe or seduced a 19 year old in his wife's bedroom? Sounds like a huge lack of personal discipline to me-- Was that the type of "leadership" our country needed? Or was that excusable because he was thin and attractive?

Anonymous said...

We all have our thumbscrews. Christie likes the Krispy Cremes, Connor Haley likes tube steak, and DD likes salty nuts. Good point DD

Haywood J out

Anonymous said...

I am just curious, how is it that he has no discipline? He is a governor, he has, on MULTIPLE occasions, had dealings with the President of the United States. He takes on crime; he is making a difference in a state that needed it. How motivated is this doctor? He lives in Ohio! He is a nobody in a place where nobodies run when there is no real hospital that will take them. You are merely judging because being thinner is all you have on the Governor. Your career is nothing, your kids are ugly, you live in Ohio. Kill yourself and let us fat people handle things. We actually get things done. Maybe you should order a pizza and grow a pair, and you won't be so worthless.

Rahul Jain said...

Obesity is as much genetic as it is environmental. Personal issues are frequently brought into politics and are uncalled for

Anonymous said...

@rahul Jain
Christie is morbidly obese period. Dr. Parks is a 40 year old surgeon in excellent shape. Christie is a walking heart attack.
Sincerely Jack Lalanne

Anonymous said...

Hell, if we down him for potential heart problems, Cheney should've never been Vice President. His heart already was a disaster.

Unknown said...

Cool read. Do they use the Da Vinci surgical system as well?