Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekend Poem

Full Moon Driving

The full moon while early driving.  
What if I could gaze longer?
Where my thoughts might wander.
Could it be so easy?
Could a full moon save me?
It’s off to the left
I’m not heading there, I confess.
Where we want to go, always repressed.

The tree line breaks over the next crest
But I don’t want to be late.
Daughter to school.
Follow the rules.
Rounds before clinic.
The moon through the black fingered branches
Looks scratched---
Strobed in my peripheral vision
Keep your eyes on the road…..

Just pull over.
Just pull over and stop.
Find a clear view,
Before your heart infarcts in the gray thin pallor.
Do it now, this small act of valor
Before the moon whittles away,
Shaved by time, all those passing days.

It's beautiful like this once---
One never knows for sure.
Bland spring is never too far.
The sun always burns away
The lovely residue of the smudged lunar scar


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