Friday, December 20, 2019



The philosophical sages say a little bit of suffering
Gives those respites of joy a deeper meaning.

But I am unhappy all of the time.
I would like to be unhappy only some of the time
Or at least not all the damn time.

And the deeper I fall into sorrow
The less I even realize
what the word "unhappy" means.

Yin and yang, you see,
Black is only “black” in the context of white,
That regal pine is only “tall” amidst a grove of smaller trees.

Just like if you were happy and content all of the time
You wouldn’t know it, you might even get bored.

Which is why I always thought the theological sages ridiculous;
What with their paradises of eternal blissful consciousnesses.
Is that the best they got?
Don’t swear, fast for a week, pray with all your heart
And the Kingdom of Ennui awaits you.

I’ll take a little bit of sadness, or a lot,
Mixed with an occasional hearty laugh 
Here on earth and call that a heaven.

It may not be very smart.
But it’s the best one I got.  


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