Sunday, July 26, 2020


Poem for a Friend on his Birthday

It takes eight minutes for the light
Of the sun to reach the earth.
We’re stuck in a state of perpetual lateness,
Always lagging a little behind the universe.

They say when you gaze upon the stars
It’s like seeing a million years into the past.
Mulling upon my own life elapsed
I wish I had cast a brighter glow.

But here, this day, let us transcend
The laggard dimness of everyday life.
Today we laugh, lose time, feel seen, are found.
We'll try (and fail) to catch up,
Recapture some of the lost ground.

Let us today flash a spark
That becomes the deep abiding light 
Someday seen from a future darkness.
Today, tomorrow, till the end, 
My steadfast, ever-shining friend.


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