Saturday, September 5, 2020


End of Summer

September and the days are getting shorter. 
I hear a smattering of applause from the leaves
As a cool evening breeze wends its way
Through the line of trees behind my house
As if to say: good enough, not bad at all.

But they’ve been clapping hard all summer
Turning themselves to the sun
Celebrating storms and sultry humidity,
Soaking up as much as they can.
Maybe they know the score
And feel the elapse of time
Maybe they know they have arrived
At the end of a designated line

Maybe they’re just tired now.
Maybe they’re just done.

They’d stand for an encore if they could
But they notice the chill as well as me.
Soon begins the yellowing senescence
The lovely forgetfulness just
Before a slow wafting fall.

For now they tremble in the trees.
I hear them even when the air goes dead.
You’d be a little fearful too,
In that moment when you know
The line is actually a circle
That bends back to its beginning
Which means it goes nowhere at all.

This is all projection, of course.
The leaves have always known.
Leaves don’t need the solace of summation.
Instead of projection I’ll write a poem
And say the leaves are just waving goodbye
To the honking geese overhead
Departing in perfect veed formation.


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