Sunday, October 25, 2020



I want to go to bed vinegar
And wake up a fine red wine.
Dawn is coming soon and
Lingering Venus shimmers just below
A wryly grinning crescent moon.

I want to imagine all things end well.

The bad become the good,

Dad shows up in the end,

The girl says yes,

The dead degrade and rise again green.

I only eat blueberries one way:

Cold and crisp, a wet pop between my teeth,

Hint of sour, not quite ripeness.

I won't settle for anything less.


But the laughter of the universe

Gets swallowed by the void of night.

Inescapable black holes abound.

The infinite strength of gravity

Always trumps the rollicking 

Transience of infinite jest.

Alas poor Yorick,

Alas poor me,

Full moon comes but once a month.

The rest is a slow bleeding away

Of slivers of reflected curved light.

All that remains is this thin grin

That I happened to notice today.

It’s isn’t much.

It’s not going to bring the house down.

But it’s something.

The long-since muffled laughter

Is drowned out by the din of dawn crickets

Which is the sound you hear 

When the universe can't figure out

If it wants to be light or dark,

Robust or frail,

Day or night,

Whether to choose to believe

Or muddle on in perpetual doubt.


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