Monday, May 31, 2021



We bought the right house, only ten years old,

In the right neighborhood for the right price.

But then it all went to shit.

It was too much house

Too much space.

I could never keep up

With all the maintenance tasks.

Patching holes

Sealing leaks 

Clearing clogs 

Doors that didn’t lock

Windows like sieves.

Microwave handles kept ripping off.

Now it's the refrigerator with 

A handle on the ground

After someone yanked too hard.

The ceilings are all starting to yellow

And the walls are streaked and forlorn

Like they’d been up crying all night.

The stairs have cracks in the seams

And the carpet is a vitiligo of stains.

The garden out back is overrun with weeds.

I ought to just plow it under

And sprinkle down handfuls of seed.

But it’s all so much work

Trying to make it my own.

Maybe it’s too late for that.

It already is what we have become.

Maybe it was always too much space

To fill, too much house.

Something smaller would suffice.

And I would like another chance 

To not break something nice.  



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Oldfoolrn said...

My house is 80+ years old. At least there is always something to fix to keep me out of trouble and away from Ms. Ducati, my Italian lover.. My happiest days were living in a 3rd floor walk up right next to the Ravenswood El tracks in Chicago. I will always miss that shaking and roar as a train passed by just outside my bedroom window. Houses are absolutely over rated!