Sunday, September 26, 2021



Everyone grows up in a cage.

Some are rather nice

And we think of it as a home.

Later on, you’re given a key

And are free to come and go,

Unaware of the invisible bars

That enclose you wherever you go.

Enclosed, you’ll raise a batch of your own.

Some, on the other hand, are broken, 

Become shabby and run down

Because there isn’t enough money

And it’s just you, the girls, and mom.

There aren’t any keys to this cage

For the latch has rusted closed.

You know you’re stuck here.

Everyone else knows too.

You’re like the tigers in the zoo,

Existing to be watched,

Inured to the gaze.

Some people try to leave 

But you can’t break free

From these kinds of cages.

No matter how much 

Your mind expands

You run out of space.

Your flesh just presses deeper

Against surprisingly resilient bars.

And your tongue can only taste

The icy metallic bitterness of rust.

This is the miraculous place

You grudgingly learn to trust 


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