Tuesday, November 2, 2021


 Poem #32

Every poem you write

With an everyday mind

Is an affront to eternity

Save your strivings

For the desultory and staid  

Down here it seems like you’re stuck in traffic

But in the higher place

Your soul soars, caught up

In a marvelous mechanico-human parade.

Life is a deadly serious game.

You sometimes forget

Whether you're just playing for fun

Or knowing you must win

If you ever want to get out.

You say things like:

I’ve never been happier to feel the weight of old sorrow.


It was my faith that made me close my eyes when god tried to show his face  


I’ve never wanted anything as bad as the thing I just let go.

It isn’t fair that the things we know most

Are necessarily the things we have lost.  


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