Saturday, April 16, 2022


 Deep Dive

It’s possible to read too much

To dive too deep

Into impenetrable texts 

To attempt to wrap your mind

Too widely around 

A set of fundamental truths 

A certain breadth 

Of knowledge ruins things

You start to realize that 

The intricate architecture of snowflakes 

Can always be melted down 

Into shapeless blobs of rain

That a full moon

Is just a glimmer 

Of all the light

We nightly turn from

That the sky

Is not really blue

Just an illusion

Of photonic scattering

It’s easy to

Overthink it all.

One morning

I wake up

Convinced I’m no

Longer in love with you.

So I go back to basics—

A mute proto-human savage 

Alone on the savannah

Gazing at the stars,

Imagining omniscient gods 

Who aren't interested

In your dogma or faith,

Only an honest wonder 


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