Thursday, December 22, 2022


 Dream State

My dreams are never particularly seductive

Not much is happening, really

But they draw me in all the same

Maybe I enjoy them more than I let on

Maybe I’m just engrossed in an interesting new system

Every so often I’m in an MC Escher structure 

That resembles my third grade homeroom 

A moment always comes, though, when I get this hunch

That everything here is just a dream

A whisper from my waking state

Perhaps, but I ignore it

I just want it all to keep going

I put a lot of effort into having it make sense 

I’ve grown comfortable here

I want to see how it all ends

Part of me knows that waking up 

Is an assassin that leaves behind a vanishing

All this marvelous intricacy gone in a flash 

I mourn for that place I never seem to get to

All that desire for a terminus I’ll never know 

I have a hard time letting go

Even when I know it’s not real


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