Monday, February 13, 2023


 Scene II

One prepares a pot of morning coffee 

For the other, who just wants a cup of tea

Later on, she pulls a steaming 

Tray of cinnamon crusted muffins

From the oven for the person

Who’d give anything for a plate

Of fried eggs and bacon

As for him, he’s busy arranging 

A trip to the mountains for the girl

Who never told a soul 

About her dizzying fear of heights 

Let’s clean the kitchen, she says

To the man who came from dirt

Do you know how much I love you?

Is parried by a nodding assent 

From the man who believes

Love ought to be hoarded 

Like bars of gold in Fort Knox

In order to ever feel safe 

So he goes outside to weed

The mulch of all that doesn’t belong

For a woman idly daydreaming 

Of a clutch of kaleidoscopic flowers 

Filling her empty centerpiece vase

Before bed he synchronizes the clocks

And double checks all the alarms 

While she slips away from time 

And stays up way too late

In the anteroom of sleep 

One dreams of a happy implacable future together

While the other rues the possibility

Of there ever being a present apart


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