Sunday, June 18, 2023


 The Secret

The secret to a good life is very difficult 

To convey in a conventional manner

One way of practicing

Is to try to learn to recognize

That you are in a dream

Without waking up 

To be able to say: This is a dream

While remaining steadfastly engaged

As a participant in this

Projection of your own mind

Thus, in some ways you are sleeping

Quite soundly while in others

You are fully engrossed and alive

If you can master this very difficult

And esoteric skill, many things

Will start to fall into place

You will begin to understand that

Someone is always sleeping and 

Someone is always awake

Every dream remembered becomes

A chapter in the story of a life. 

Every dream forgotten

Returns to the void

And waits 

In this way we are both the dreamer

And the dreamed.  

Neither of which is absolutely real

In the conventional sense 

And the secret is the thing that everyone already knows  


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