Tuesday, September 12, 2023



Every word has a meaning

Some words have many meanings

And some meanings belong to many words

Names are special kinds of words

That have to wait to acquire a meaning

There are four Jeffs in my fantasy football group

Each Jeff signifies something unique

None of us ever says the word Jeff

We call each other by our last names

When we gather, the word Jeff is meaningless

Jeff is now the 2394th most popular name

Chosen by new American parents for their babies

Someday the word Jeff will replace the word Herbert

In the dictionary of lost languages 

Its entry will read: synonym for Randy

One by one there will be no more Jeffs

Each time a Jeff dies

A verb becomes a noun

Pronunciation gets codified

And empty spaces fills with pure definition

When the last of us in the group is gone

Jeff becomes a word you may forget.

Yes, you may come across it again in your readings

But if you get stuck, just look it up.

We're all hoping it gets written down in the book.


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