Monday, November 20, 2023



Christ can you come back every once in a while? Just to check in. No strings attached. You don’t have to bring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Not looking for a thousand years of drama and strife here. Just pop your head in and let us know everything is ok. The ol’ sacred texts could use some new material anyway. Updated for modern readers. Maybe graphic novel style:The Book of Midnight Pacers. I could be the hooded protagonist who conveys your prophecies via complicated anagrams. And no more miracles, please. People aren’t impressed by them anymore. We’ve seen insects walk on water. Coded patients raised from the dead. Even the Cubs won a World Series. Just come back and visit, old buddy. No expectations. Nothing fancy. Skip Rome. Keep a low profile. And if you do come, maybe give me a little heads up? I want to plan a celebration. Invite the aunts and uncles. Meet at Olive Garden Sunday at six. A single order of breadsticks is all you can eat. We’d feed multitudes.


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