Wednesday, February 7, 2024


 Poetry Is Making A Comeback

All the things we decided not to talk about 

Now get written about

In the only way

That can't be said.

It’s progress

But it can’t last

Some asshole will ruin it

Pretty soon our lives will be metered

And broken into stanzas.

Schools will arise to tell us

Why certain poems are good

And all these others are bad. 

Schisms inevitably ensue

Between rival schools 

Over the true definition of a sonnet.

There will be a heraldry

Of pompous inanity

A cacophony of competing reveilles

Platoons of Shakespeare cosplayers

Wielding iron quills.

A king declares : poem, poem, not a poem, poem, not a poem

At special gatherings of his small council.

The official poems will make all the money

While the rest return to lives of squalor

A few of these survive as samizdat

Slips of paper passed under tables

My fingertips brushing your hand

You’ll feel me every time you read it

You will think: poetry is making a comeback


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