Tuesday, March 26, 2024



In every moment there is a fleeting

Truth, unnamed but always felt

By the time it is described

Everything has changed 

And the narrative no longer holds

Words just falsify 

What was once real 

Books, chronicles of myth 

History, a kind of mourning

For everything lost 

Every biography is resurrection

Without the transubstantiation

Heaven is a fairy tale

With lots of good lessons

But it gets boring

Listening to it before bed

Every single night

We all know how it ends:

Everything you’ve ever wanted

Everyone you’ve loved

Pluraling into eternity

Where’s the fun in that?

Maybe that’s why there’s no

Book of Heaven in the Bible 

If you were god you would lose 

Yourself in this world too

Wake up one day 

With no memory of anything

That led to this particular moment 

Not knowing who you really are

Where you’re going

Or what’s going to happen next

All you can do is act

One thing and then another

As long as you can

With all of your heart

Until the day you wake up

Surrounded by love

And everything you need

And can’t decide if it’s better

As heaven or your actual life 

Or neither—

Just another vanishing dream


1 comment:

Oldfoolrn said...

I've been away from the computer recovering from bilateral total knee replacements and it's so uplifting to read your poems!