Thursday, October 18, 2007

On the Brink

One more win, and it's on to the World Series. I can taste it. It'd be nice to close it out tonight; you don't want to go back to Fenway where anything can happen. Just finish the job. Time for CC Sabathia to step up and stop the gagfest he's been enduring so far this post season. It's a good time to be from Northeast Ohio. Cavs in the Finals last spring. Indians on the cusp of the Series. Browns actually showing some signs of life. And of course the Buckeyes currently ranked #1 in the country. Couple of things have to happen tonight:
1. Sabathia, crooked cap, beer gut and all, keeps his cool and acts like the ace he was all season.
2. Something, anything out of Hafner. He's coming off a desultory 0-4, four strikeout performance. You can't have your #3 hitter posting a line that your wife could duplicate if she had to grab a piece of lumber.
3. Unexpected source of offense. Trot Nixon tonight? Blake?
4. Get an early lead. Put the pressure on. Keep the crowd in the game.
5. Borowski to keep inexplicably mystifying the Red Sox with that lame 88MPH cheese he tosses up when the game is on the line.
Go Tribe.

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Bongi said...

i know how you feel. although my excitement is for the rugby world cup final. tomorrow we take on england for the trophy. the best in the world. can't wait.