Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I deleted AdSense from my blog. I think I earned something like $3.12 over the past 4 months from it. But besides that, I was tired of seeing ads for "Trace Curry MD, Bariatric Surgeon Extraordinaire" and "Have you been injured after your inguinal hernia surgery" and sundry other appeals by litigation attorneys. It was depressing. I mean, what is the existential point of writing these medical blogs anyway? To make money? If my goals were so prurient I would be better off simply doing more surgery, taking moonlighting jobs, etc, and cutting back on the amount of time I spend clacking away on the keyboard. Making money off this modest endeavor ought to be the least of my concerns. The concept of using my ramblings as a basis for attracting readers to little red limned boxes that promote the merchandise and/or skilled handicraft of various corporate/private enterprise concerns thereby enticing said readers to click on the aforementioned red-limned boxes is rather sad, in my opinion. So there won't be any more ads on good ol' Buckeye Surgeon. It will be continue to be highly unprofitable and obscure and I'll continue to write about whatever I want, whether it's a case study or a cool CT scan or 5,000 words on hospital atriums (atria?) or even triplet strippers. So there you go.


OHN said...

I think you may have helped me make the decision if ads are worth it or not. It sounds like a no to me.

Honestly...I don't think I have ever clicked on anyone's ads anyway and if I am not mistaken, isn't that how you get paid?

Gotta love a man that blogs not for profit, but for whatever reason he wants :)

MamaMay said...

If you want ads then would suggest Project Wonderful. Lots of crafters and comics on there. Not nearly as depressing and I make about 10 dollars a month.

Joseph Sucher, MD FACS said...

I wish that you had a choice of what ads would be allowed to appear on your blog. It would only seem reasonable to me.

I personally enjoy the heck out of reading your blog, and hope that your readership continues to grow.


Anonymous said...

Sadly I'm probably one of those folks who make the ad revenue not happen as typically I read through google reader. Or perhaps it's just click throughs?

Either way, I hope you continue to do what you're doing and enjoy it. I certainly am and continue to share your posts with my classmates as educational tools.