Monday, July 20, 2009

Nancy Pelosi looking out for HENRY's?

We're all aware of the recent proposal to fund Obamacare by assessing a new surtax on the wealthy. Those married couples making more than $350,000/yr will chip in an extra 1% into the health care kitty. Seems fair right? I mean, why shouldn't 1% of the population fund the greatest expansion of federal power since the New Deal? Who needs the $300 billion a year the government could get by rolling back the tax deduction on employer-provided health insurance when you can just squeeze the "rich" a little bit more. Who cares if you raise their effective tax rates to near 50% of their income. Level the playing field dammit!

But here comes Nancy Pelosi, of all people, to the rescue. She wants to increase the threshold to $1 million/yr. Since when did Nancy Pelosi start giving a damn about upper middle class, two income households? Oh, that's right, she depends on rich California liberals for her campaign contributions. I forget sometimes, these people are all corrupt, soulless cretins without any principles whatsoever. It's a dark day when I start cheering for Nancy Pelosi....By the way, what are the odds anyone in Congress actually reads all 1000 pages of HR 3200?


HMS said...
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Anonymous said...

It looks like many people wish to see the reform failed (POUS video).