Monday, June 14, 2010

Enough Already

Aren't you all sick and tired of hearing about the impending 21% cut in doctor reimbursements on Medicare patients? This farce of a story has been cropping up in the news every couple of months. I'm sick of it. At the last minute, the "doc fix" will get tucked into the back pages of some unrelated Congressional bill and the problem will be deferred till the next fiscal year. Does anyone doubt that this won't happen?

Just like i don't care about whether Brett Favre ever plays football again or retires to raise cattle and alpacas on his Mississippi ranch, I could care less about the impending Medicare cuts. It isn't a story until something substantive is done. All else is just frenzied speculation. The minute I hear the words "Brett Favre" on ESPN, I flip the channel. Same when I see him tossing footballs to randoms dudes in that Wrangler commercial. Enough is enough.

As far as I'm concerned, the "Brett Favre Rule" is in effect for the Medicare Doc Fix. I don't want to hear about it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Brett Favre's been a thorn in my backside ever since November 11th, 1990 when he led Southern Miss to a 13-12 upset win over Auburn, who play in the Toughest Conference in the Universe, the SEC, home of the last 4, count em' FOUR, BCS national champs.
And if that wasn't enough, the Falcon's signed him to a $1.4million 3 year deal, then traded him after only 5 passes, ZERO completions, 2 Interceptions, one a Pick-6, then traded him cause of some hip problem that would end his career in short order.
Yeah right, 18 years later, and he still won't go away, just like Joe Biden,

Frank "SEC Rules" Drackman

Anonymous said...

The "doc fix" is like the SEC playing bowl games up north against the Big Ten teams in the frigid months of December and January. Although the probability of "doc fix" not happening is approaching zero especially because the US is the world's reserve currency and we have a money printing press. But, if by chance these two low probability events occur, politicians like the SEC football teams will take a severe beating .

Anonymous said...

Trader Bob,
The Big 10 can't even count to 10, much less 12, which is how many teams they have.
And there BEST team, Ohio State, would be lucky to finish 5th in the SEC West.
And when's the last time the Big 10 had a team in the College World Series?? has it happened this Millenium?
We have Tim Tebow, Bear Bryant, Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, you have Woody Hayes punching a Clemson Player.


Anonymous said...

You seem pretty arrogant. I don't care what torture is done to those SOB's. I just hope they feel the terror those people jumping from atop the World Trade Center Felt on 911.

Oh, by the way. . . the "doc fix" didn't go through. How will your pocket book feel now?

A Doctor's Wife
(P.S. Who cares about Bret Favre - Don't you all realize Soccer is the #1 sport in the WORLD!!!! )