Friday, June 18, 2010


What a comeback, but that call (and it's still not clear if offsides or a foul was called, even now, 6 hours after the game) goes down as one of the worst I've ever seen in any sport.

Watch the World Cup! I know soccer gets a bad rap in America but it's the Beautiful Game, dammit! Turn off the NASCAR. You won't get the valium-induced fugue of baseball. You won't be forced to scratch at your own eyeballs after watching Kobe Bryant go 6-24 in a game seven. This is the sporting event you can't miss. It's time for Americans to get on board. Soccer! Soccer!

/Resigned to watching tape delayed MLS games on ESPN 7 in 2015.....


Sergiu said...

Robbed for sure. That referee didn't even know why he annulled that goal for. What an idiot. There was no offside, and there were no fouls except the Slovenians trying to grab every single American player in the box. In other words, Coulibaly's call was completely wrong, and it took three points away from the USA team. That's very bad for the competition.
The first bad decision from this world cup. Truly undeserved.


joegrind said...

In total agreement Buckeye.
It was a bad call and I still don't know what the call was. The linesman flag didn't go up, so it probably wasn't offside. If it was a foul...I have yet to see it. I was stuck watching it on Univision at work and can't wait for Sportscenter tonight for the analysis. But the first two games were filled with bad officiating.
I think FIFA will seriously bring in an instant replay judge for the next World Cup. Similar to the challenge NFL coaches have...lose a substitution if it goes against the coach or something.
But I love the World Cup, but this year is different. Blame the ball, blame the refs...I have no idea. But Serbia beating Germany? Switzerland beating Spain? All my brackets are screwed!The US played their hearts out thanks to Donovan. But as a former player...I know, never underestimate your opponent.

Anonymous said...

Cannot stand that noise made by those vuvuzela thingys!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Buckeye, theres no Saturday Mornin Quarterbacking in Soccer...Slovenia's a country of only 2 million people,
If you can't beat Slovenia 41-14, you know, like Florida beat Ohio State a few years back, in a BCS title game that wasn't that close,you should just give up the Sport, you know, like the Cleveland Indians/Browns did...
But hey, the Big 10(umm you know you have 12 teams now?) might actually win a BCS again now that the Cornhuskers joined...
Wanta play in a REAL football conference?? the SEC's takin applications, Vandy needs someone they can beat...:)