Thursday, July 29, 2010

She Chose (b)

Awesome summary from Deborah Tornello.
2. If, while attending this conference, you experienced leaking amniotic fluid and felt early contractions on the morning before you were scheduled to speak, would you (a) hand the speech to someone else, ask him or her to give it on your behalf, and go straight to the nearest hospital--one that was equipped for handling high-risk mothers, premature births, and special-needs infants--and get yourself checked out by a doctor or (b) continue with your day and give the speech anyway?

Sarah Palin chose (b).


HMS said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess if I lived in Cleveland I'd be obsessed with Sara Palin too...
What are the Indians?? 40 games behind??
hey just 44 days till your Buckeyes get spanked by a second rate ACC team, thats right Miami Hurricanes come to the Horseshoe Sept 11th, ironic dontcha think?
Can't wait for that great Ohio State tradition...
Woody Hayes punching an ACC player for beating him like an insolent child...
I mean the "Dotting of the "I""

We should do a challenge bet, loser has to kiss a photo of Dick Chaney/Barney Frank.

I'm a fair man, I'll give you 3 points, naw make it 4.

Frank "Big 10(11? 12?) Sucks" Drackman

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama's Mom Should have chose "Plan B".
C'mon laugh, its a Joke, I know MY mom would have if it was available in 1962.

Sorry Buckeye, you left yourself wide open for that one....

Frank "I'm only here cause I was born before Roe v Wade" Drackman

ParatrooperJJ said...

The future of the country was at stake. We see clearly now that she made the right decisions.