Friday, April 15, 2011

Bin Laden is Laughing at Us

This is the Police State that has wrapped its tentacles around us, so subtly, without a whimper of protest....


Anonymous said...

The mexican border is wide open but you get your balls juggled by a short bus riding TSA clown when go to the airport. "Intelligence" means if you have been an upstanding citizen of the "land of the free" and have no criminal record then you get radiated via x-ray machine or sexually assualted via TSA pat down. "Land of the Free" that's an oxymoron and people buy into this absurdity of terrorism. It's for this reason that I have to travel on my private Honda Spree. Buckeye how would you feel if they did this to your daughter?

HMS said...

The videotaping seems bit too intentional & the voice sounds added. Be that as it may, it's true: the whole point of "terrorism" is to make the public and/or the authority terrified, terrorized. Well, given the current state of world affair, we better learn to live with it.

Unknown said...

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one"--BEN FRANKLIN

Nevertheless, if we are to continue our state of anti terrorism, it makes no sense to exclude anyone from these searches, otherwise some poor kids going to be used to smuggle.

I think between the TSA and what it cost in time and money, the blood and treasure of war, and what its all done to our economy, the terrorists of 9-11 have certainly defeated us to this point. I wonder if the home loan debacle would have ruined our economy without the costs of the wars?

Although the TSA is likely a major employer given our recession. We could employ another 100,000 at the border, make the illegals citizens. Thenmiter their income/payroll tax would more than pay for the new jobs. Only problem is the relative follow on immigration laws.

Jeffrey Parks MD FACS said...

Ron, why do we have to live with it? When everything can be justified under the banner of "Protect us from the Terrorists", then there is no limit to the extent an authoritarian government will go to deprive us of our rights.

The Spree is less manly than the Vespa for some reason. Sprees were delicious rainbow-colored candy treats I used to buy in my high school bookstore. And no, I would not allow a TSA agent to run an index finger around my daughter's elastic blue jean waistline when flying to Disnetworld. That maneuver is pure Red Shoe Diaries, circa 1989..

Anonymous said...


Terrorism is an entirely different kind of animal. To prevent one would require an entirely different array of invasive and noninvasive measures. Think Israel.