Thursday, January 3, 2013

Secrecy Triumphs Once Again

An attempt by the NY Times to obtain memos from the Justice Department that provided the legal rationale for the due process-free assassinations of Anwar Al Alaki and his son (American citizens, both) has been summarily shut down by a federal court.  Once again, the US government has successfully made the argument that anything deemed a "state secret" cannot and will not be made available to the American people.  Nothing to see here.  Move right along.  Most Transparent Administration Ever, indeed. 

Again, this was not an attempt by the Times/ACLU to publish Top Secret intelligence data.  They simply wished to make public the mere legal rationale that our Noble President uses when determining which American citizens he can execute. 

Just trust us, they say with a wink.  It's only a brown-skinned terrorist with an unpronounceable, strange-sounding name.  They would never think of exercising such unprecedented state powers on Caucasian dissidents with names like Smith and Jones.  Right?

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