Friday, March 8, 2013

Understanding Sub-concussive Head Trauma

The link between Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and repeated subconcussive head trauma (as in football) has been well documented.  What is less well understood is the pathophysiologic mechanism by which this process occurs over time.  This paper suggests that a disruption in the blood brain barrier (BBB) occuring after sub-concussive head trauma can elicit an auto-immune response, whereby auto-antibody production and infiltration of the brain could potentially lead to the long term cognitive damage as seen in CTE.

This is only the beginning.  Science lurches toward the truth.  And Pop Warner leagues can flip that hourglass over any minute now.  The end of football as we know it is coming, and quickly. 


Anonymous said...

What kind of rule changes do you see coming for junior level football in the future? Penalties for any hits to the head? Thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

Nothing much will happen. Too much money is on the line.

See "49ers new stadium 75 percent sold out as sales top $400 million in Santa Clara"

When you have people forking over $80k - $500k for the privilege to purchase a seat at the gladiator's arena, it's all about the money. The TV contracts and endorsements are easily another 100 times the seating revenue.

People want to see bones crushed, heads smashed, and nerves severed. That is why New Orleans was exonerated in the reversal of the bounty gate penalties.

I for one, only tune into football, hockey, and Indycar/Nascar for the violence and gore. It's the only legalized gladiator combat left in the world, and it's fun to watch.

Better to let it happen in a controlled environment with participants who know exactly what is expected of them