Sunday, June 7, 2020


Short Version

This is the short version
Of something I’ve been trying to say.
I won't waste words,
There’s not enough time in the day.
The longer version meanders through forests,
Spirals around the rings of cross cut trunks,
Up and down geological strata,
Soil samples to be analyzed in the lab.
The long version is always too much data,
All the open ended whys and wherefores.
I just want to belt out the catchy chorus
On endless loop until you get the point.

Here’s the gist:
I don’t have time to read you the full article
But I’ve abstracted what is essential.
Some things you can’t overthink.
Just find the theme
Or at least a recurring motif.
It’s better when we try to be brief.
You can know this tree well enough
By pulling down just one leaf.


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