Sunday, October 24, 2021


 Light Reflected

This October moon is so bright.

Enough to forget about the sun

That lends it all its light.

Is it because it’s so close 

Tonight or is it just

Feeling exceptionally bold?

Does this cold dead rock

Even know that it shines so

As it spins through space?

To be loved is to be a mirror

Reflecting mysteries of a face

In the middle of someone else's dark sky

I’m not much and neither are you.

We stopped wondering why.

We’re getting so old.

Patterns of decaying elements,

Shifting sands, flickering flames,

And neither of us know the source.

But let’s be kind 

And say love

Is the light we shine

And I will shine as hard as I can for you

With a luminescence maybe not my own

With a promise to always be full

Never a crescent

Never an empty new   


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