Saturday, May 7, 2022


 Names, Numbers 

We chop up time into chunks

Either named or enumerated.

Seconds and minutes

Are simply numbered.

Hours are a little strange

Mostly a rotating set of integers

Except for noon and midnight

Dawn and dusk

Morning and evening

Twilight and half light.

The days get their own names

Honoring the pagan gods of yore

But weeks are just weeks

Sorting themselves into blocks of months

Which are kind of funny too—

A mashup of names and numerals

As if Caesar ran out of things to acclaim

More than half way through

And just finished it off at the end 

With a few Roman ordinals.

But then the years are back

To being just numbers

Stacking up one after another 

Hash marks scratched

Into concrete prison walls

But a lifetime is your own

A first, middle, and last name 

Bookended by four digit dates

Carved into a modest gravestone 

Marking the place you’ll abide 

For—choose a word to

Describe a Long Ass Time

Eons, epochs, millennia,


But eternity is only for the living

Especially for the ones who

Trace your letters

With frozen finger tips

When they visit your

Final resting place.

For them words are necessary.

Time must be bracketed.

We, on the other hand,

Wait without waiting 

In this realm 

Beyond names or numbers

We even resist the urge 

To call it timeless

And when you arrive

You won't be too early

And you won’t be late.

Here, it’s not quite dark

Nor is it very bright 

When you see me

You won’t know 

Whether to say 

Good morning

        Or goodnight 


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