Friday, June 3, 2022


 Not Quite

Even in the shadow gray just before it rains 

There's always a small smile on your face

Thinking how nice it will smell

Once the sun shines down again

Even when you’re all alone 

You always appear unperturbed

Knowing how good it will feel

To be cuddled on a couch again 

Or sitting Buddha-like

On the bottom of the pool

Chest burning and turning blue, you’re

Bursting with a joyous will to breathe 

You wallow in filth

Knowing how refreshing

That hot shower will feel

When the grit and grime run off

And after, shivering naked, 

Dripping tap tap on a tiled floor

There’s a towel tumbling in the dryer

That will wrap so warm and soft

I’d rather be there with you

Always on the verge

Of small inevitable pleasures.

Here, I’m held and warm and loved

But it isn’t quite the same

As almost warm

 nearly touched

and not quite alone 


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