Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Love is the Guide

Love is the guide that takes us 

Deep beneath uncharted seas

Past the white skeletons of coral

Past the sunken Clipper ships

With their holds of briny treasures

Beyond the penetrance of light

Where the only non darkness

Emits from the bioluminescence 

Of undulating alien creatures 

Stay right here, love instructs us,

I’ll bring oxygen and masks.

And we do.  We like it here

We like this sinking feeling 

Of a world pressed tightly against us

A pressure that could crush us.

Love always looks back once

On its way back to the surface 

And smiles at our trusting faces

As we exhale the last bubbled

Burst of air left in our lungs 

This is the point where doubt creeps in.

Was it love that brought us here?

Or a crinkled smile, or your eyes, or your lips?

Many falter here and simply drown 

While others discover

They were always fish 



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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem! Real love guides us to places we might never encounter and calls us to dare beyond what seemed possible. When we find it, it’s worth overcoming the doubts and exploring the depths. Thanks for writing!