Sunday, October 23, 2022



My dad built a mansion on the ocean

Pilons sunk 300 feet for the foundation

Impregnable to storms from the Gulf

Undegreed, pronounces wash “warsh”

He made a life for himself 

He’s proud of himself

And if I ever saw him

I’d tell him so myself

I built a different kind of fortress

I take care of patients

I work long into the night

I am the one who suffers

To make things better for others

If he saw me he would 

Tell me to stop working so hard

My little girl cut herself

With a utility knife

Because of a grade on a test

And everything else.

There are no fortresses

Walls never last

The hurricane is coming

To knock everything down 

I’m so sorry

Do you know I’m sorry
I thought I was doing my best
Mostly good and overall not bad

But your hash marked soft flesh

Oh my princess

My sweetheart

Where are you dad


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