Sunday, March 19, 2023


 Lifelong Friend

We spend the bulk of our lives

Alone with the person

No one else really knows

The one who sits with you

As the March snow falls in feathery ash

On the other side of smudged bedroom windows

Over time the distinction between 

Yourself and this person blurs into one 

But it's only an act of self preservation

To ease the pain of always

Having to say goodbye 

To your oldest, truest friend 

Every moment is a secret little death

But he always comes back to life

Before there’s any time for lamentation

Such private farewells are best deferred

Until the final days when it’s obvious

We've both come to the very end 

And even then it’s easy to run out of time

Bidding adieu to the glowing embers of a world 

We both have loved 

What does one say then?

Who breaks the silence?

Who gets hugged?


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