Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The False Lobby

Further evidence that the AMA does not represent the vast majority of physicians in this country--- in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about HR bill 3590, they give their grudging provisional support to the overall bill albeit with a few recommendations for improvement.

One thing they disapprove of is the proposal to levy an excise tax on all medical and surgical cosmetic procedures.

Missing from the list of "improvements" is any mention at all of tort reform or a demand for better reimbursement of cognitive medicine. Nor is there any call for subsidization of medical school costs for students pursuing a career in primary care or general surgery.

Yeah, elective plastic surgery is an untouchable. But tort reform? Reimbursement reform? Not worth it, apparently.

Keep trying JJ Rohack MD. We're waiting...


rlbates said...

Why we need tort reform! RT @purplesque Read comment #10. Wow.

tom said...

wonder how many plastic surgeons are members of AMA.

Important things to remember in politics:

An organized minority (AMA members) has much more power than a disorganized majority (all other physicians)

Politics will always trump policy

Silence is construed as support

? Did you know that the proposed cosmetic tax has been transfered to tanning salons?

Jeffrey Parks MD FACS said...

I saw that article Ramona; thanks for the link. The hidden toll of these prolonged, drawn out lawsuits with multiple depositions and cancellations and re-scheduled trial dates is something you cannot put a price tag on..