Sunday, July 25, 2021



I wrestled with myself,

The good and the bad,

Interrogated the good,

Called it out for its pieties,

Its hesitant inconsistencies.

And then grappled with the bad,

Greco-Roman style,

Muscled it to the ground

Taking us both down

Which is the only way

To avoid a crushing defeat.


I ran out of breath

Chasing my own tail.

I was the only one there

All along.

There’s a mirror here


Me and the old reflection.

I see them both.  

One living and one an illusion,

The false that shows the real.

I didn’t know.

About all these things.

No one told me

That this is 

The way it was

All along.

It’s quiet now.

There’s music


Absent notes, curious

Patterns of sound.

This is the great song

That was there all along.

Everyone is dancing

Except for me,

Off on my own again,

Peering into voids,

An ear cupped

Against a brick wall.

I had to learn the lyrics

By writing my own.  


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