Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 Modern Economy

People have figured out you

Can just take things

And no one will stop you

So they seize the spoils

With savage guile,

Work the angles,

Leverage inside knowledge

For hostile takeovers.

Add a dollop of venture capital

And pounce on a ground floor IPO.

Flip a distressed property

For a handsome profit,

For ever larger slices of pie

And then the whole pie, unsliced,

Leaving for the rest of us

Crusts fallen half eaten to the floor.

No one goes to jail  

Only winners left standing 

I miss a world where people

Left their doors unlocked at night

Hoping someone would 

Sneak in and steal their heart.

They’d surrender it willingly

And when it was gone

Mourn they couldn't give more.


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