Wednesday, January 12, 2022


 Poem #35

It’s ok to write a poem 

That no one reads

That seems half finished

That doesn’t rhyme 

Or seem to go anywhere

Or reference anything sublime

It’s ok to crumple up the paper

And fish it out two days later

When you run out of fresh ideas

It’s ok to feel like you’re stuck

And put all your faith

In late night full moon luck

It’s forgivable to starve

After spending your last dime

On a leather bound notebook

It’s ok to write a poem

When you’re all out of words

And are forced to use “sparrow”

When you mean “love”

And “trial size dove bar”

When you mean “infinite sorrow”

It’s ok to throw it all away

And hope you’ll find

At least half again someday

It’s just words after all

It’s just your life

And when it ends

You’ll simply accept

Its finished incompleteness

And press send 


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