Tuesday, January 4, 2022



Romance works at a distance

Opens a vortex with little resistance

The closer you get the more it thins

And narrows to a point like icicles

Straining to be launched,

Sharp enough to pierce a heart

But sensitive to the glare of the sun.

We see it dripping, dripping

And worry the tip will dull

Or worse, this frozen passion will melt.

Careless people reach for it here

And snap it off

But so cold and slippery

So easily dropped

A shattering of crystalline fragility.

I can be patient

For the sun works in mysteries.

I’ve chosen to stand beneath your eave

Eyes closed, mouth open, and waiting.

Such distance is dangerous,

Knowing any second you could

Release your grip and 

End it for the both of us.

But love is to trust the discerning sun

And the slow drip down to my tongue.

Love is to trust I won’t ever leave

No matter how long it takes

To catch your delicious fall,

Drop after drop after drop.


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