Monday, February 28, 2022



Your truth is everything

Wrapped inside the lies

We’re the ones dawdling 

In the foyer of a festive house 

Holding hats and heavy coats

Waiting for someone

To kindly take them away 

We shouldn't have worn coats.

We’ll drink too much wine

And forget these comforting lies

When it's time to go home 

And the wind will remind us

It's always been better

To wrap ourselves in layers

When we finally arrive

At the place where it feels safe

I’ll strip you down

To your raw pink until you’re

Trembling in the soft gray

Light of a true half moon

But you don’t get to undress me.

My socks stay on

No matter what

And you’ll never pry

This shirt from my back 

I won’t get peeled like an onion 

These threads won't unspool

What will you do

If it’s just lies all the way through,

If beneath the lies

Is something neither false nor true

Like an axiom propped up by relativity

Or the noble lie that helped me survive?

Whatever it is

I hope it’s you

Who finds the way in 

And conjures a way

To kindly tell me

The truth  


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