Thursday, August 17, 2023



Texting can be frustrating

Thumbs up! Not a diss.

Take it easy.

I’m agreeing! Unironically!

When I say ya instead of yes or even yeah 

You think I'm being a dick

But I was just musing on the Matterhorn

If I respond with a watering eyes laughing emoji

To something clever you've said

It annoys the fuck out of you 

Not everything I say 

Is the funniest goddam thing anyone

On earth has ever said, you say

I didn’t mean that

So I reply with the bland basic smile face, 

The one that looks like if he were an actual person he’d be super nice

I need a fresh selection of emojis

Ones with faces

Bearing expressions

You've never seen before

Suggesting feelings

You don't even have words for


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