Monday, August 7, 2023


 All the Feelings 

All of the feelings there are to feel

Are never as important as the feeling

That arises when a feeling felt

Severs its homoussion connection to feeler

And becomes just another adjective

To describe a noun we regretfully call self 

Most people miss the importance 

Of this fleeting experience, dismiss 

It as mere interregnum

But you always feel something

Even when you think

You’re between feelings

All it takes is a stopping reflection 

Standing in front of a two-way mirror

In the bathroom of the train station 

Many people spend their lives here

Trapped in a way station 

Somewhere between happiness and sadness 

Checking the train schedule

Making sure they have the right ticket 

What about right now?

Is this the correct platform?

You aren't happy

You aren't sad

You're something though

You’re on your way

You have someplace to go


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