Monday, August 21, 2023


 Know Thyself

When you first come to understand yourself

And find out who you really are

It’s like nothing you ever thought

Everything clicks. It was always so obvious.

All those things you’ve done

And the ways you are,

There was always an easy explanation,

A traceable map to explain the journey

From "promising young lad" to workaholic hoarder

Clinging to crumbs 

Fallen from an untouched cake, 

A man so fearful of loss

He'd lost the taste for even

The foods that nourished him.

And not just a workaholic hoarder

With stones stacked around a soft heart 

But an ill-equipped boy who had

To go out alone and find the stones

To build the walls to protect the heart,

Who learned too young that even

Stones come with a cost.

There was once a man sulking inside me

Scrunched up straining against the confines

Of my little boy frame

By the time I had grown into his shape

He had changed into someone else.

Always one step ahead of me, the son of a bitch.

No, this body doesn’t really fit

It has always belonged to him 


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