Tuesday, January 2, 2024


 Identity Property

You can add or subtract zero

Multiply or divide by one

Where you end up 

Is just where you started

Math is still happening

But nothing changes

The equals sign tells you so

Life is a complicated equation

With manifold variables

Random numbers and fractions

On both sides of the calculation

It doesn’t seem possible 

That one could reduce it all

To simplified equivalence

That somehow through a series

Of algebraic tricks

One can eventually solve for x

Take the square root of the white trash boy

Then extract the lowest common factor

Integrate both sides with respect

To everything he has ever loved

Divide by self, divide by self

Whittle everything away 

Until there’s only one term left

Perfect, you’ve now solved life

You’re a middle aged man double

Checking all his work

Now divide by one

Now add zero

Add another zero



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