Tuesday, January 9, 2024



There is a risk of bleeding

A risk of infection

Of dying

Anything you say 

Can and will be used

Against you 

In the court

Of arbitrary opinion

Place your hand over your heart

Face the sun

To which it stands

One nation under the influence

Of cynical fraudsters

And half hearted huggers 

O’er the ramparts we bumped

Our fists and agreed

That there are no guarantees here

That everything could go horribly wrong

Wake up with whisks

Instead of hands

Leak bile when cut

And shit blood

In the morning 

Forget your name

And never miss it

America! America!

God shat his grace

On thee

For this is your last chance

To do something 

That won’t change

What happens in the end 

And the risks outweigh 

The oughts

And the love in your heart

Might leak out

Until it’s completely empty

Nothing to fear 

You won’t die

Not from that

But I will do

The best I can

Purple mountain majesties

I promise you

Just sign here 


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