Thursday, May 9, 2024



Today’s challenge: You have been assigned the task of writing poems that only one other person will ever really get. There are no rules or limits on how you go about achieving this object. Whether the rest of the world just doesn’t understand your maudlin gibberish or they do and are actively hunting for it, the meaning, and each time you have to try to figure out a new way to hide it in plain sight from all of them is beside the point. The point is, only one person ever really gets it. Either way, each one has to be more esoterically obscure than the last. An almost mystical kind of insolence. Square roots of imaginary numbers. The shape described by the third generation integration of a three dimensional function The corresponding colors to all terms for human emotion. Boot camp for the aspirationally lost and forlorn. It’s a game you know you can only lose. And so your art deepens and matures.


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