Sunday, July 10, 2022



My son asked me what heaven was like.

For his sake I hope there is one.

Not that I’m expecting to spend much time there

Nor do I think I would even want to.

I just need to know it exists

Somewhere up there beyond all this.

I’d be content to lie on my back

On uncut grass on a warm June day 

Bees buzzing in and out of the milkweed

Leaves politely applauding in the light breeze

Just gazing upon the blue expanse

Slashed with wisps of white clouds like terrible mustaches

Until I was able to suddenly see through 

The best that reality has to offer

And recognize there’s something even better—

A sanctuary for all I’ve loved and lost

With room for all the good and kind and soft

Hearted people of now, the past and all to come 

Doing whatever it is one does in heaven.

I don't think I belong there,

Not that a hell would have legitimate claim 

Either, but give me an afternoon like this

That’s all I would ask

A few hours spying on Paradise

Just to know it was there

So I could tell my boy.

That’d be enough, that would suffice  


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