Wednesday, July 20, 2022



One day we realized we’d made something extraordinary

We made it together, without even trying

It shined so bright

It was our moon and our sun.

We thought we were doing something else

But that's ok

Sometimes it works out that way

But before too long we broke this

Beautiful thing into a million shimmering pieces 

No one person was solely to blame 

We didn't tend to it

We’d never been taught

All that’s left is an abstract residuum

Occupying this humming space between us

Which isn’t really a space

Any more than there is a difference

Between the river and the delta

This is why I like to watch the ocean

Beyond just the waves crashing—

Here on the beach I extend

All the way to the horizon

And then, over the edge, who knows?

Thinking of you on some opposite shore

Watching the same thing 

Waiting for our full moon

While our beautiful sun

Sinks into the line where it ends


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