Thursday, July 7, 2022



In college Teague told me

I had to get an identity

I was pissed

He’d seen right through me

That I was a fraud

An emulator

Devoid of substance

A clever fake 

So I went out and got one

More my style

A witch's concoction

Of weirdo loner intellect

But then that one

Got a little stale

So it had to go

I found another

Churned through 

A whole succession

Of ill-fitting personas

Recycled a few of the old

Meanwhile time passed

I did this and that

Made a family

Bought a house 

Figure I’ll run into 

Teague again someday

How could I forget that shit-eating face?

Sit down for a beer, get soused

Tell him I’m back to square one

No clue who I am

I hear you man, he’d say,

Sort of in the same place.

We’d part ways

A good firm shake 

And head home to the ones

Who could tell us what we’d become 


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